January 12, 2012
Dear Mama

Mama, you told me I

could make friends everywhere
well – you were wrong.
You can’t understand …
because you’re a soul
with many friends.

Mama, you influenced
me, never hesitated to
guide me, to see my path
but you never
clenched a white cane -

People turn away,
even my smile scares
them - heads turn
see, things have
changed since you
became a spirit -
Mama, you taught me
to reach out, do everything -
never reason with silence

only if silence made me
think - see solitude, embraced
quiet – peaceful days.
to be creative - remember
dreams we shared –
life of a fortune teller, we both
could see - before you
were a spirit - oh, you
had laughter in your
heart, a story in your
bones - secrets no one

understood as you shared
a gift - those who believed
kept dropping by our porch -

Mama, once more as I sat
alone, you repeatede I
could make friends any place -
you told me to wait.

no one knew about a web -
Mama - stop. Stop
telling me today, you
know I believe - we have
understood, you are like
a stanza filled with character
even if I know you are here
but gone - we understand

your guidance
shall never leave - your
clues, left to tell us - your
words from a stranger’s lips
inspiration will never disappear.

The cane is gone - heads
no longer turn away -
progress they say - and
all the people in the world
drive excitment into my life
as a historian of the past
I am the keeper of memories.

Mama you were right -